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I wanna say…………

‘I need you because I love you’ is different from ‘I love you because I need you.’

Know the difference.



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Happy Mothers’ Day

What is A MotherA mother is

A mother is a woman who can bake a cake with six other hands helping her and still have it turn out fine.

A mother’s shoulders sometimes smells of sour milk, and if you are very observant, you’ll notice safety pin holes in her clothes — even her Sunday best.

Mother’s frequently have runs in their stockings, likely as not, Junior didn’t park his trike off the sidewalk.

A mother is different. She likes chicken wings and backs and the hamburger that is slightl y burned — things the kids and Daddy don’t care for. She never takes the last chop on the plate, and she always saves the candy from the tray at the club to bring home to the children.

A mother may not have ulcers, but she has versatile tears. They show anger, weariness, hurt or happiness. Once, when Daddy forgot an anniversary, Mother cried. One Saturday, he brought home some chocolates when it wasn’t even her birthday or anything, and she cried then, too.

Sometimes it’s hard to know just what kind of tears a mother is weeping.

A mother is someone who can repair the kitchen sink with only her hands — after Daddy spent a lot of time trying with tools and plenty of cuss words.

A mother is a person who can change diapers all day, feed the baby at two a.m. and still share Daddy’s delight when baby’s first words are ” da da.”

A mother is put together of wondrous things — soft hands to caress tired head, firm fingers to guide a growing child along the right path, and a warm breast to shield her little one against the world.

When a mother dies, she must face Him with her record of accomplishments. If she’s done a good job of caring for her children, she’ll get the most sought-after position in heaven, that of rocking baby angels on soft white clouds and wiping their celestial tears with the corner of her apron.

– Wanda Beal

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Lost Wallet (Again)

I just lost my wallet.. Again….
I bought it June 2010 and I lost it October 2010.

Every year I buy a new wallet. Every year I lose a wallet.

I lost Php 100 and $20. With bus receipts and my pictures.

“Nagsabog si Lord ng ka-clumsy-han gising na gising ka nun.” my friend says.

It’s okay, may be they need it more than I do.

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When Will I Come Back?

After months of being quiet, I finally found reasons to write. Basically, I have this huge cloud of idea but I don’t know where to start.
And now, I’m having difficulty in writing(again).
I want to write again.
I want to write again.
But, I don’t know where to start.

Man, this is really hard. 😥

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How’s Your Life Without Me?

Without your sweet young child?

There would be no more childish acts

Without your hard-headed little sister?

There would be no more bratty kid

Without your funny niece?

There would be no more clown for your party

Without your good buddy?

There would be no one to run to

Without your shock absorber?

There would be no one who would listen to you

Without your past lover?

There would be no one to flirt with

Without your mortal enemy?

There would be no more arguments

Without your pesky student?

There would be no more pain in the neck

Without your naughty neighbor?

There would be no more partner in crime

Without your babysitter?

There would be no one to take care of them

Without your errand girl?

There would be no one to follow your commands

Without your stubborn mate?

There would be no one to oppose you

Without your ‘kulit’?

There would be no one to make you smile

Without your ‘bunsoy’?

There would be no one to cuddle every night

Without your ‘chikoy’?

There would be no more ‘naiwan ako’

Without your ‘mickey’?

There would be no more ‘how are you doing?’

How’s your life without me?

Are you really that happy?

Are you going to miss me?

Will I linger?

Will you know how I feel?

Will you?

Will you?

Will you?

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I should Be..

While the semester comes to its end, the students become busy with requirements and stuffs. For us, hell weeks started the week before last week.

We only have a week to prepare for the presentation and another week to review everything for our finals. We had a tight schedule and we have to maximize our time to meet and beat the deadline for the case study.

With the help from our beloved instructors, we have defended our case quite well. We were given 85 for it. We’re happy for ourselves because we believe that it’s hard to have a grade like that with the panel of instructors that we have. Plus, we didn’t revise everything for the better.

Done with the case, hello finals. Medical for the first day. Depressed with the outcome, here I am, writing instead of reviewing my lessons. I have to pass Ma’am M’s test for my sake as well as Ma’am R’s.

I have to read:
Endocrine: Anatomy and Physiology – about 10-15 pages
Endocrine: Laboratory Exams – about 20 pages
Disorders of the Endocrine – more than 20 pages
Complement system – about ten pages
Diseases of the Immune system – about 10 pages
Disorders of the Respiratory and Cardiovascular system – more than 10 pages.

Tomorrow’s time: 1700hr
I should start reading/reviewing/understanding my notes if I want to pass. 🙂

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Sick Chikoy

It’s been days. I miss this place.
It’s so hard to be a student especially when people expect so much from you.

They’re in my nerves again.

Pathophysiology of Restrictive Lung Disease still not done.
Lab Results not yet reviewed.
NCP partially corrected.
Perioperative Quiz tommorow.
Agammaglobulinemia report tomorrow.
My ID was lost.

I’m nearly dead. I’m nearly sick. My nose bleeds every night. Man, it’s hard to be a student.

Sick Chikoy

Im so sick!

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Hell Weeks

Last week was a bomb. We’re kinda toxic the whole week.

Monday, we started cramming on our presentation. It was a ready made one and we didn’t have a single idea on how to present it. Also, we have to recheck everything about it because it was dated 2007 or 2008.

Tuesday, was the same. cram and rush.

Wednesday, Make up class in Patho + overnight  at Ate Shee’s place. The plan was to study the case but we ended up relaxing. I didn’t sleep quite well, so did Angel-o and Jobs.

Thursday, we went home to rest for a couple of hours and we headed back to school to re-read the case. With the help of Sir Kinney, we understood CVA better. We went to Jobs’s place that night to again, study the case.

Friday, Case Presentation day! Everyone was nervous. We made it to the night and thanks God for it. It was good for first timers according to our panel of CIs. We revised some data and we have to passed it the day after.

Saturday, I helped Angel-o in organizing the revised case. Too bad, we couldn’t find Sir Riego so we decided to give it on Monday.

Sunday, rest day for me.

Monday, advanced classes + joint classes. Quite sickening but I made it.

Tuesday, another rest day but it wasn’t. I have to read my notes, lectures and books. I have to go to school to pay my tuition( I used a part of it and I have to save my money since last Friday to complete it).

Wednesday, I planned to go to school in the morning but I ended going there in the afternoon. I was beginning to be a potato again and I hate myself for that. Also, I was late for our research defense and I was doomed to death. MY!OH MY!

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or even the day after the day after tomorrow. I’m exhausted and I want to rest but I couldn’t. Notes and lectures to read. Man it’s killing me.

Hell, it’s toxic! Hope I pass my exams on Friday and Saturday(especially the Medical) or else I’m doomed!

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Chikoy said Blah Blah Blah

How’s your holiday? If you’ll ask me, I say it wasn’t fun like 2008’s. Not so festive and enjoying. I was intrigued by ‘that’ change in status. People were asking about what happened. Few people I’ve known died. Three weeks is not enough for me.

First week of back to school! My mind is still on vacation but I have to attend my classes. As promised, Ma’am Jhen gave her ‘gift’ on the first day. Confident enough that she won’t do it, I didn’t read my notes properly. As a result, I didn’t answer most of the questions( if I read my notes properly, I could answer it wholly). I can still remember the questions and I regret it a lot that I didn’t study well.

For our duty, this is our last week in JPMH. I learned a lot from Sir Spongebob. Thanks to him for giving us so many opportunities to help and to do hands-on tasks. Also, I had a great time with our head nurses, Ate Lai and Ate Rays. We gained not only knowledge but also new friends. They helped us do our ‘case pres’ and still we have to cram.

Rushing our case presentation made me feel quite consumed. Shoulder pain with lower back pain added with hunger and IDC mates(I’m not angry, just something), I’m quite confused. I transformed to a potato again( I didn’t help Angel-o, I played Farmville the whole afternoon) and I know that he’s a bit of nagtatampo to me (I’M SORRY!!!).

I want to share so many things but I couldn’t write it. They’re piling one on top of the other burying the details deep within. Change is the only thing that is constant in this world. Forgetfulness is an unforgivable curse. Laziness will make you more miserable. Wearing your heart on your sleeve will make you feel a fool. Drink the water as you find it. Live one day at a time. Words are powerful. GOD is great. So on and so forth.

I’m tired of thinking. Glad I have this page. My space. My own board. My feelings. My words. My thoughts.

Have a great days ahead. I feel relieve! The story about nothing except nonsense thought. My first week of school.Back to school. 🙂

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Happy New Year!

Whew! In few hours, it’s going to be ‘Good bye 2009 and Hello 2010’.

Happy New Year EVERYONE!

I’m off to Far Far Away Land again with my folks.

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